Policy Institute: Week Two

Throughout Georgetown Day’s Policy Institute, GDS students will be documenting their experiences through both blogs and photographs. In the second week of the Policy Institute, fellows in the tracks Waging Life in the DMV, Addressing Sexual Assault and Consent, and Life Resettled met with local non-profit leaders in their respective fields.

Waging Life in the DMV

“John Hlinko spoke to us about his organization Left Action and his experience in social media activism, and he guided us about how to promote activism in social media and the real world. His organization, the Left Action Network, is a series of online properties fighting in tandem for the causes near and dear to progressives.”
– Ransom Miller

Addressing Sexual Assault and Consent 

“Learning about what survivors sometimes go through while trying to get help after an assault was disheartening — the process made even more difficult because Washington Hospital Center is the only hospital in DC where a survivor can get a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit.”

– Sophie Tucker

Life Resettled

“It’s been really interesting to learn about refugees and immigrants and I think it’s been inspiring in some ways but saddening in others. It’s inspiring to see human resilience and drive to survive but really upsetting to think about the next fiscal year. I’m really scared to see what our refugee quota is because most likely it will be lower than it should be.

The US is incredibly capable [of taking] in refugees and we do take in a lot but we could take in more. I think we’re scared to take in more refugees because of xenophobia and a fear that they’ll hurt the economy. What we’ve learned in the past two weeks is quite the contrary. Refugees just want to find a safe place to live where they can find a job or raise their family.”

– Margaret Tilmes

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