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    Spanish students playing soccer in Spanish.
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    LS students engage in a Spanish culture activity for halloween.
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    The 3rd grade's Mardi Gras activity.
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    The 4th grade's French self-presentation.
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    The 8th grade's French essay, "Who Am I?".
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    7th grade Chinese students' "About Me" essays.
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    A Chinese culture activity: Thank You Letters

How World Language Proficiency Makes a Global Citizen

A good global citizen is someone who understands, respects, and values other cultures.

A good global citizen is also someone who is inclusive, willing to live in a diverse community, and embraces difference. This is aligned with both the department and the school’s missions alike. At Georgetown Day School, our students are exposed to new cultures at a young age to help increase their awareness of and sensitivity towards diversity, and enhance their ability to better connect with and understand the rest of the world.

What is the path to succeed in our mission?

Being proficient in a world language is the core and key to equip our students to reach others and be reached.

When we teach Chinese, French, and Spanish in the Lower/Middle School and Latin in the Middle School, the emphasis is on developing the student’s communicative competence by teaching four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, aligned with the ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

We continue to develop new forms of pedagogy in teaching the languages that stimulates and makes learning fun:

  • I am always thrilled to walk in the hallways and see students, administrators, and current and potential parents looking at some of the wonderful work done by our students at all grades that includes essays, cultural activities, and more.
  • There is no better way to connect with other cultures than food, music, and sports.
  • A variety of enjoyable interactive activities in our classrooms enable the students to expand their oral proficiency, such as skits, debates, presentations, etc.

Check out the GDS Media Gallery for videos from our world language classes »

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